First public release

A lot has happened since we released Eventline as a SaaS platform. We received feedback, most of it related to the closed nature of the platform. Long version short, people were worried about storing their scripts into a proprietary cloud platform.

So we decided to move from a SaaS platform to an open source standalone server that anyone could use, audit and modify. This drastically changed conversations: instead of having to convince people to try a trial period on an online platform, we could tell them to just download and run it.

We spent nearly three months developing the Eventline open source, and today we are releasing version 0.9.0 on GitHub.

Going through this rewrite gave us the opportunity to change some features. Eventline open source is simpler: instead of having to manage pipelines, tasks, triggers and commands, you now only deal with simple jobs. We also support multiple types of runners.

Eventline open source is available under the ISC license. For users needing more, we are also selling Eventline Pro. With a Pro license, users will get commercial support, more connectors, and complex runners such as Kubernetes. In the future, we will also offer SSO support and advanced audit features.

The new documentation contains a quick start guide to help you run Eventline in a couple minutes using Docker Compose. Try it and tell us what you think!

We also created a newsletter: make sure to subscribe to get a couple messages a month about new releases and features. We will soon release the first stable release, 1.0.0; there are a lot of exciting things on the roadmap!