Going live

As we recently announced, we have released the Eventline automation platform.

When development started, more than a year ago, we began discussing about the kind of company we wanted to build. My business partner and I both had technical roles back when we were employed, and we believed that focusing on tech was important in order to build a high quality product.

We have made lots of uncommon choices, such as using the Erlang programming language, hosting services on bare metal servers instead of going Cloud native, or even storing data in the old, boring but reliable PostgreSQL database. We continue exploring various technical possibilities, and we believe this never ending quest to improve our work will help our products get better and better.

While building components of our tech stack ourselves is part of our DNA, we still stand on the shoulders of giants. None of us would be here without the content shared by so many talented people all over the world.

With that in mind, we want to give back, both by distributing some parts of our stack as open source software and by sharing our insights on this website.

May our experience be useful to others.