The open source job scheduling platform to manage all your scripts.

Eventline makes it easy to control all your automation in the same place. Small recurrent tasks, long processing jobs, integration scripts, everything runs in Eventline.

name: "export-clients"
  event: "time/tick"
      hour: 23
  - "pg-export"
  - "aws-s3"
  PG_HOST: "pg.example.com"
  S3_URI: "https://s3.eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/clients-data"
  - label: "export the database"
    code: "pg_dump -h $PG_HOST clients > clients.pgdump"
  - label: "upload data to s3"
    code: |
      key=$(date -u +%FT%TZ).pgdump
      aws s3 cp clients.pgdump $S3_URI/$key

Just write the code, let Eventline run it

Define jobs, deploy them, and let Eventline take care of scheduling, execution and monitoring.

1 Build

Define jobs using the language of your choice in a declarative way.

2 Schedule

Automatically run them in reaction to events from various sources. Or execute them manually when you need it.

3 Relax

Get back to your usual work, Eventline will monitor everything and alert you if something goes wrong.

Everything you need in the same place

  • Events
  • Jobs
  • Manual execution
  • Identities
  • API & CLI
  • Monitoring
  • Debugging
  • Management

Execute jobs in reaction to events from a variety of platforms. Access information about the event and build complex integrations between heterogeneous services.

Define jobs in YAML, but write the code in any language you want. Configure them to run where you want, when you want. Execute simple commands or source external scripts to avoid writing code in YAML.

Run your jobs manually when you need it. Specify one or more parameters: Eventline will automatically generate a form. You can now let anyone use it.

Do you need more control? Or do you prefer using the command line? It is up-to-you: control Eventline with the HTTP API, or use our command line client.

Store credentials safely and inject them into jobs. Use OAuth2 flows for increased security and convenience. Credentials are sensitive data: we encrypt them using the AES256 industry standard.

Keep everything under control: visualize all your jobs, inspect success rates and execution time and keep access to all past executions.

Did something go wrong? Access the execution logs of each job, fix the problem, and restart the job at will. Even better, replay old events to re-execute jobs with the exact same input.

Invite collaborators into Eventline so that they can deploy their own jobs or use existing ones. Group jobs and identities into projects to keep everything clean and tidy.

Getting Eventline

Eventline is released on GitHub for multiple platforms. Docker images are available on Docker Hub.

Our documentation contains a quick start guide to help you run Eventline in a couple minutes using Docker Compose. Try it and tell us what you think so we can improve it in the future.


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  • Is Eventline open source?

    Yes! You can modify, build and deploy Eventline in accordance with the ISC license. We also offer Eventline Pro with proprietary extensions for companies with more advanced needs.

  • How can I deploy Eventline in my infrastructure?

    Eventline runs as a single Go program and stores data in a PostgreSQL database. We provide packages for various Linux and BSD distributions, as well as Docker images.

  • Can you help us use Eventline?

    We would love to! We can help you get the best out of Eventline and are always available for bug fixes and feature development. See the service page to know more about our support contracts.

  • There is no connector for my favourite platform, what can I do?

    We are adding new connectors on a regular basis, tell us about your work, and we will do our best to help.

  • Where can I execute jobs?

    Eventline can execute jobs as local programs, on remote host with SSH, in Docker or in Kubernetes. More runners will be added in the future.

  • Can I feed my cat with Eventline?

    If your cat food distributor is IP connected, you can probably script it. Please send photos of the cat!